The Bruise You Can’t See explores the early warning signs of controlling behaviour in teenage girlfriend/boyfriend relationships.

Targeted to Year 10 upwards. 

Your students become part of the piece, actively exploring the early warning signs of unhealthy and abusive behaviour, what healthy relationships look like, the various forms of abusive behaviour and how to access help and support.

Suzie’s dating the guy everyone wants to date. He’s funny, charming and the fittest boy in the year. He’s always there for her and she increasingly spends all her time with him. But sometimes it feels a bit much and she seems to be getting things wrong more and more. And her friends seemed to have disappeared and no one seems to understand it’s not going as well as it looks.

THE BRUISE YOU CAN’T SEE has been created from our extensive work exploring domestic abuse in schools with the Tender project and Essex Change.

1 in 2 young women have experienced controlling behaviour in a relationship

1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will be a victim of domestic abuse during their lifetime. 

Arming our future adults with the skills to not only recognise unhealthy and controlling behaviour but also how to deal with it and not enter further into relationships that aren’t’ healthy.

“It was an incredible experience, very interactive and highly engaging” Teacher.

“I now understand when domestic violence starts and what to do.”Student.