“The issues covered were done so to perfection and it was so valuable to gauge the opinions and perceptions of our young people who took part. Your passion for young people and the issues covered was evident throughout. We look forward to having the pleasure of working with you in the future. Many thanks.”
Kim Collins & Amanda Watts Head of Year, Marriots School.

“Engaging, entertaining, the message gets across without being boring.”

“HyperFusion are extremely flexible in how they approach each audience, taking Special Educational Needs, students experiences and background into consideration and constantly adapting the performance throughout, based on reactions and suggestions from the young people. We have been able to offer TIE performances to organisations that include hard-to-reach young people and students with moderate to severe physical and educational needs.  HyperFusion are passionate about our cause and constantly strive to be the best they can be, so that young people realise that they have choices in life.”

 Lindsay Marks of Herts Aid

“The interactive sessions that followed were designed to provoke debate whilst educating the audience at the same time. In my view this was a masterstroke, as the response I witnessed achieved both of the above. In summary this play was an extremely informative, educational and ‘myth busting’ production. If only something similar had been around when I was at school.”
Inspector Gary Atkinson, Diversity Unit, Herts Constabulary, HQ,

“The work of Sarah Ellis has transformed the landscape of theatre-in-education in major cities and under her leadership; the organisation has gone from strength to strength consolidating its social and personal development objectives for all its young beneficiaries.”
Femi Elufowoju, jr Associate Artist, Almeida Theatre

“Buzzing was the word used by our deputy head to describe the atmosphere amongst the students afterwards.”
John Fitzgerald, PSHEE Coordinator

“A mind expanding experience.”
Mr Baggallay

“HyperFusion is an exciting and innovative experience not just a theatre performance! The performances stimulate lively discussion with thought provoking questions allowing the young people to recognise the differences between each other and that what might be acceptable to one may be unacceptable to another! Watching the young people engage in the HyperFusion experience is exciting!  The nods of the heads when they recognise themselves in the actors or when they have been in the situations that the actors portray, empowers the young people to become very vocal with ideas and opinions! However, through the discussion, their opinions can change when they actually see what effect their behaviour is having on their peers!  All students are encouraged to participate and rarely is anyone left out!”
Fiona Gardiner, ASB Coordinator, Uttlesford District Council

“The audience where totally engaged right from the start to the end. I have never seen such a diverse group of people become so totally immersed and actively involved. The audience didn’t want it to end.”
Chris Taylor, Development Director, Education & Youth Services Ltd

“HyperFusion are simply a top class outfit who, led by Sarah Ellis with her extremely talented actors, they have no problem or issues addressing the key community safety principles and the real issues which can adversely affect young people and can taint the community as a whole if left unchecked. With HyperFusion, it’s simple, let the young people do the talking, they are the customer so to speak, and I haven’t met a dissatisfied one as yet. I would like to thank HyperFusion for helping young people in our district make the right decisions and thereby reduce the amount of young people entering the criminal justice system.”
PC 1784 Ryan McNamara, Uttlesford Youth Officer

“It was amazing to have them SO engaged. And that is not easy with that particular year group.”

“Billy brought out the important messages of what it is like to be bullied and how being different isn’t a bad thing.”

“So realistic, it should be seen by the staff in hospitals, councils and schools”

“The children were really enthusiastic and it was great to hear their ideas during the forum part of the show, seeing how they would respond if they were the characters in the story. Our PSHE governor who also came into the show with me was incredibly impressed with the energy and passion demonstrated by the performers and asked me straight away if I could use my budget for a similar production again next year.“
Claire Suttle, Hillmead Primary School

“As always HyperFusion were extremely professional from initial booking to final evaluation. Not only was the play entertaining it also delivered several very important messages and helped the children to think of practical solutions to different bullying scenarios. Evaluations from the children were very positive and many parents commented that their children had been talking about the play at home – a real highlight of our anti bullying week. As a school we have used several theatre companies and many staff have commented that for learning experiences and pure energy HyperFusion is second to none. We will definitely be using the company again in the future.”
Rebecca Pratt, Applecroft School,

“I have had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the work that Sarah + her dedicated team of staff have implemented. This has included a diverse range of training/learning opportunities for young people using theatre as the mechanism of engagement.”
Mark Straker, Film writer and producer

“The best thing is to talk and not suffer in silence”

“What a fantastic job you did today with Lonsdale School. The teachers were absolutely thrilled with it (I overheard 2 raving about it when I went to the toilet, as well as getting feedback from them whilst it was happening). Most importantly, the young people were engaged, enthusiastic and all felt included from start to end. It is good to be reminded how gifted you are at this, and what an amazing difference we are all making to young people’s lives!”
Suzanne Bannister, Director, Herts Aid

“All of the students were engaged throughout the presentation because it was funny, interesting and something they can relate to.”
T Hancock, Tutor, Ridgemond Training