The Shhh Experience

Immersive theatre experiences that take you into the centre of the action and draw you in as part of the story.

Popping up in non theatre spaces, shows have been in pubs, in cinema’s, derelict spaces, parks, town halls, schools and even on a train.

Free to join in or just sit and watch as you choose.

Our shows include:

A Wedding To Remember – Linda La Plan has organised another wedding. Come and be a guest at this one that surely can’t go wrong again can it?

Debbie & Daz’s Big Day – We’ve all heard stories of weddings from hell. Here you get to be a guest at one!

The Office Party That Goes Wrong – Let’s face it. The end of year party was never going to be a smooth one was it?

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – Shhh for kids immersive theatre and film experience.

The Breakfast Club – immersive film and theatre experience as the audience get put into detention!

LOVE – a secret undercover club where the secret of relationships is revealed.

Is There Anybody Out There? –  as you arrive at the wake of Terry’s wife, we follow his journey of grief and struggle to get anyone to understand.

Debbie and Daz’s big day