Actors Company for young people

New Actors Company launching in September 2018 for  young people, serious about focusing on acting,

Delivering excellence in training and performance.

Tuesday evenings from 7-9pm. 

Open to young people from 11 years upwards, the new company will complement our existing musical theatre Academy, focusing purely on acting. Offering excellence in training and performance with strong links to the professional side of HyperFusion Theatre Company. Improvisation, character development, physical theatre, audition technique and script work from page to stage producing plays relevant to young people with regular performance opportunities to share our work.

Actors Company is directed by HyperFusion’s Artistic Director and founder Sarah Ellis.

Sarah (BAPGCE) has been directing and performing award winning professional theatre for over 30 years as well as teaching tens of thousands of young people. Her CV boasts 34 plays in theatres & non theatre spaces and 22 musicals including the 1st ever English performance of Parade. She’s really excited to be developing young actors ready for drama school and a career in theatre beyond.

What they say about us.

” TIE at its best.”

“The work this little company do in the community is huge and carried out with grace, tact and a big heart. I’ve witnessed barriers being cracked and true discussion arising from their work. “

When I look back to my school days with all the jokes and hate towards gay people, I just wish there had been productions like BOY so that we could have stopped it then. HYPERFUSION ARE REALLY CHANGING THE WORLD”

“Such a fantastic company. They change young people’s lives and help them realise its ok to be themselves. I have seen them empower so many young people and it is inspiring to watch. “

“This essential work is done in schools to young people who often suffer at the hands of ignorance and prejudice.”

“A really informative and entertaining platform and theatre company particularly for young people “

“The fantastic work HyperFusion have done, particularly in regards to young people, in raising awareness of issues faced today by those in the LGBT community.”

“HyperFusion changes lives every day. Through non-judgemental interactive work, young people are encouraged to challenge stereotypes and negative attitudes, making decisions to impact on the story line.

As a teacher who has worked with HyperFusion in school it is amazing to hear even the quietest pupil make a suggestion to fix a wrong doing, or see the “toughest lad” fight the corner of someone who needs advice. Well done to Sarah and all your team.

The world is a better place with your work, and our future generations will be more understanding of others.”

” I felt empowered watching it and how much it had to offer children of all ages in why attaching labels to others is harmful and has far reaching consequences.”

Engaging, thought provoking and inclusive. The subjects they tackle are some of the most difficult for young people to cope with or to talk about, but somehow they manage to break down those barriers and encourage discussion.”

“This organisation uses a fantastic way to reach a diverse audience and encourage participation from everyone – regardless of how well-informed they may have previously felt about a subject or how confident they are in putting forward their views.”

“HyperFusion pushes the boundaries of theatre in education. Their work explores the challenging subjects that need to be discussed but are often a taboo.

“Given our local school has 3000 pupils and is in a Conservative, largely white middle-class, middle England constituency, there is a huge need for education around the acceptance of diversity.

“HyperFusion are doing incredible work, and reaching young people in a way that few others are doing. BOY was a spectacular piece of theatre, highlighting current issues in the LGBT community in a way that was easy to understand and empathise with for people from all backgrounds. “

“BOY ticks all the boxes – thought provoking, entertaining and a fantastic cast, opening the eyes and minds of children and adults alike.

“HyperFusion’s work around identity and bullying is fresh, ground breaking and so desperately needed in our society. I love the way difficult issues are made available for thought provoking, life changing debate through theatre. I do believe it’s saved lives.”

“This company are fantastic at raising awareness. Thedo this in the most wonderful interactive way! brilliant all round!

“This group made me think twice”

“topical and well-addressed issues to all ages of people in relevant, informative, thought-provoking and interesting ways, to educate, challenge and discuss – and hopefully change how some people think – providing a safe forum for people to investigate and assess their own and society’s reactions and thoughts on these topics, helping to move everyone forward to a place of acceptance and understanding.”

“The HyperFusion family have been working tirelessly over the years to bring awareness of such issues as race, sexuality, gender identity and domestic violence in creative, insightful, and engaging ways to huge and varied audiences.”

“It is challenging, thought-provoking and truly about breaking down barriers.”

“HyperFusion work with young people to tackle bullying in a creative and innovative way.”

“An invigorating and compelling theatre enterprise led by the empowering Sarah Ellis “

“The important work done by organisations such as HyperFusion cannot and should not be underestimated nor undervalued, and requires investment and support- how else can adults support each other, if the knowledge to do so doesn’t start with education at a young age?

This work is creative, immersive and captivating- it makes the education real and has impact. More please, across our schools across our nation. “

“Because they are doing a grand job with the youth in the area “

“I wish I’d had a company like HyperFusion come to my school. It’s only about talking about issues that we can overcome ignorance and/or fear, which is most likely where all problems in the world stem from.

“Giving people a voiceand positively empowering them.”

“HyperFusion work tirelessly in and with the community. They are bringing theatre and education to the masses.

“This company raises awareness of issues that need exploring. Their work with young people is inspirational and thought provoking and often pushes boundaries.”

“Sarah and the team really challenge individuals to think about how their preconceptions can have an immense impact on the lives of others. Discrimination happens on a daily basis and HyperFusion want to challenge this and make a change one person at a time!”

“Amazing, empowering, inspirational work.”

The work they do is ESSENTIAL! We need more of it. Truly inspirational work. “

“For their work combating identity based bullying and for changing attitudes to empower people to be who they really are.”

“What better way to promote awareness and understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion than through the world of theatre. HyperFusion and the Artistic Director Sarah Lovatt-Ellis have provided audiences with a deeply seated insight into the world of bullying, abuse and harassment at many levels.”

On an individual basis, Sarah Lovatt-Ellis is an advocate and ambassador for human rights and equality for all in the modern society in which we live.

” My son (aged 13) also saw the play at school and it had clearly provoked lively discussion among his peers.

“HyperFusion never fails to deliver an incredibly personal insight into ‘self’. Recognising the difference in every individual and continually celebrating students who are gifted in many important ways.”

“For a theatre company to focus on inclusion and to target vulnerable sectors of society which are really in need of validation is very special. I have seen first-hand Sarah Ellis’ work in schools and with young people and she is a tour de force, delivering experiences that really matter.”

“Run by an amazing, passionate and caring woman. Providing much needed education on diversity, equality and tolerance within our society.”

“HyperFusion Theatre Company tackles the difficult issues a huge number of people face and brings them into the lives of those who don’t, challenging discrimination and prejudice head on. I cannot stress enough the difference HyperFusionbrings to lives of young people: life changing and lifesavingchanges in many cases.

“The work HyperFusion does for the community is amazing. Exploring challenging issues with young people in a way they can really relate too. Just wonderful “

They tackle key subjects such as bullying, LGBT++, social tolerance etc – They produce plays focusing on these issues to diverse audiences, including schools, to an extremely high standard, to engage these important audiences. – I have found their work hugely inspiring personally, and many people I know have said the same.

“I really admire the way Sarah seems to have limitless supply of energy to pour into her projects.”

“This company does more than any I’ve seen to inform teenagers about the reality of LGBT issues.”

A great organisation that gives young people an opportunity to learn through action. “

“They are brilliant, inspiring and supportive! A safe haven!”

“Saffron Walden is a very conservative town. HyperFusion is a high-profile group, frequently in the public eye, encouraging people to consider issues they might otherwiseignore or consider irrelevant.”

“The work HyperFusion are doing is incredible and has vastly improved the lives of the LGBT students across the country.”

“I am who I am because of Sarah’s Lovatt-Ellis and the work that she and HyperFusion do. I have been privileged enough to watch a performance of BOY and my reaction, the reaction of the audience and indeed the actors is astounding.”

“Amazing Organisation who work with people of all ages, particularly their excellent work with children in schools.

“An organisation that is passionately dedicated to raising awareness on many subjects that effect all communities. More so creating understanding for our future generations – inspiring children to ensure their voices are heard and to grow up know that they can be whatever they wanted to be. Their determination for change and dedication to education is an attribute to all communities”

“Sarah Ellis and HyperFusion theatre lead you from places of misconception and injustice, challenging you along the way to a place of human celebration. “

“Their thought provoking productions, including BOY, are brilliant ways to show the impacts that discrimination can have. I have been fortunate enough to work with Sarah and HyperFusion on some educational events for adults and witnessed first-hand their skilled use of forum theatre techniques to look at issues and how to respond in a school setting.

“HyperFusion make a real difference using exciting, participatory theatre”

“This theatre company are doing extraordinary work to address the real life issues that can heavily affect people from day to day. They promote and enable important conversations and awareness around issues that for many can be life destroying. An amazing organisation with a wonderfully smart and dynamic woman at the helm.”

“Fantastic people and really know how to bring the best out of people, open, truthful, constructive and diverse theatre company, that like to touch on subject matters that some people like to hide”

“The shows HyperFusion do make such a difference in the lives of young people. They have toured to thousands of kids and let them know it’s okay to be who you are. Their shows inspire discussions about prejudice and allow them to make active change in their communities.

Vote for us before Friday for a National Diversity Award please.

We have been nominated for a National Diversity Award 2018 as Community Organisation for our work on LGBT bullying and identity based prejudice. Our show BOY has toured to thousands of young people empowering young people to explore the consequences of prejudice and make change in their community. And now we have a new adult version for theatres, community groups, public and educational professionals.


ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT TO VOTE.  Deadline is 1st June.

Winning this would enable us to reach more schools and hard to reach organisations to make a change.

This is the link to the page to vote:

If you want more info on the show to help with what you can write then go to

Thank you in advance for your support.

Best wishes


New BOY show for adults premiering at the Brighton Fringe this week.

It’s 1984. Four friends. A seemingly harmless in joke that moves from banter to something more serious. A tragic escalation of events with life-changing consequences. It was the 80’s after all…

BOY is growing up and very excited to be heading to the Brighton Fringe with a new adaptation. Our award winning show with the same honest and powerful look at the effects of homophobia but this time targeted to an adult audience.

The show will be premiering at The Old Court Room on 1st & 2nd June 2018. Performances at 2.30pm & 9pm on the Friday and 9pm on the Saturday.

Box office –

Our Artistic Director is 1 of 100 women invited to talk about feminism on Sky News.

Our Artistic Director, Sarah Ellis, was invited to be 1 of 100 women talking about feminism in 2018.

Presented by Kay Burley, the show explored themes of feminism and whether the word still works for us in society.

Sarah’s point…

Gender equality focus groups begin.

International Women’s Day 2018 saw our first focus group looking at gender equality.

General public were invited to this event to start our journey of finding out what feminism is in 2018 and what’s our best way forward to enable gender equality.

Women. Know your place!

But what is our place?

We’ve come so far…now where?

Is there true equality yet?

Not all women experience sexism … or do they?

How do we feel about ourselves?

How does society feel about us?

“Men can’t even flirt now for fear of being sued.”

Am I alone in feeling threatened with what I hear and experience?

What is feminism in 2018?

Are we alienating our men?

“It was just a joke”. The difference between banter and sexual harassment?

Blurred lines or clear ones that aren’t respected?

If I stand up for what I believe – how will it affect me?

We need to talk…

What’s your story?

Times are changing and there are some incredible movements and shifts in society. The MeToo campaign and the Harvey Weinstein case. And nearer to us lots of conversations are sparking as to the place of women in society and what that means.

So how do we negotiate our way through these exciting but potentially scary times to enable what most people want which is equality?

A group of us are getting together for an informal chat so please join us if you have something to say or even if you just want to listen.

The evening will be facilitated by Sarah Ellis, Artistic Director of HyperFusion Theatre Company and TIC Box Productions who are specialists in interactive theatre to make change. Sarah is an actor, director, educator, a Mum, a feminist and a storyteller and her life work has been to challenge prejudice and enable equality. “Our stories must be told. They are our power and our legacy. Let’s share them.”

Speakers include:

Dannie-Lu Carr. Dannie is a thought Leader and internationally advises business on impact around creativity and cohesion. She has 20 years’ experience in her unique field, is a published author and in 2015 gave a TEDx talk on The Inconvenient Truth for Culture.

Professor Joyce Harper. Joyce Harper is Professor at the Institute for Women’s Health at University College London where she is Director of Education, Head of the Department of Reproductive Health and Director of the Centre for Human Reproduction. She has worked in the fields of fertility, genetics, reproductive health and women’s health for over 30 years.

Mark Newey. Mark is an author and a psychotherapist helping thousands of people from all walks of life to beat stress, anxiety and depression, with a deep personal interest in all things social and cultural, the additional benefit of the views and experiences of his clients has enabled Mark to build up a solid picture of where society stands today on all sorts of issues.

Ahisha Ferguson. Ahisha is a nutritional therapist and health coach specialising in helping women lose weight and keep it off without dieting. She’s just about to release her first book ‘Diet Stops Monday’ where she openly shares her knowledge of the diet industry to bust a few myths and help women finally have the success they deserve.

The evening is the first of a series of events that will inform a new theatre piece about gender equality which will tour Nationwide later in the year.


Focus groups start for our new play about domestic abuse.

Workshops have began with young men and young women, looking at the issues of domestic abuse. We will be exploring unhealthy relationships in teenagers and the early warning signs of controlling behaviour.

These issues are explored using drama and are open to any schools, colleges or community groups. The findings will feed into the devising process for our new show The Bruise You Can’t See.

Can we come and work with your young people. Email our Artistic Director on


for more info click

The 3 sides of HyperFusion.

HyperFusion Theatre Company.
The home of TICBox Productions – interactive theatre inspiring change where the audience become the solution.
The Shhh Experience – immersive theatre experiences in non theatre spaces drawing you into the action as part of the story. Free to join in or just sit back and watch.
HyperFusion Academy – theatre training centre where we teach and inspire young people in what we do every day.

The Office Party that goes wrong

Did you know that as well as TICBox (our theatre-in-education company), HyperFusion also have an immersive side called The Shhh Experience. We are so excited to say that tickets are nearly sold out for our next show but there are a few left so do please let your friends/family/enemies/random strangers in the street know that The Office Party that goes wrong! is still bookable and waiting to spend a night of hilarity with them. And assurance that nothing can go wrong….
Comedy theatre show, 3 course meal, glass of bubbly and after show disco.
Saffron Walden Tourist Information Centre or

TICBox Productions hits youtube with BOY video!

BOY is on you tube.

Telling the world about the show and how we work as a theatre-in-education company.

Featuring Rishi Nair, Leanne Lyndsey-White, Eunique Darko, John Oakes, Michael Bell, Aisha Jacob-Williams, Stefan Scippo, Katherine Swan, Jack Taylor, Jack Williams, Shaun Dellenty and Sarah Ellis.