TICBox Productions

We are forum theatre specialists who ‘pop up’ anywhere there is a space and some people.

Interactive from beginning to end, our shows empower your audience to not only actively explore important issues relevant to them but also to ‘try out’ solutions in a safe atmosphere.

Their voices are heard and their solutions explored.

We look at the ‘why’ and the ‘should’ but also the ‘how’.

Maximum impact is achieved through the natural differentiation this interaction brings.

Your audience ‘own’ the outcome and adopt embedded behavioural change long after we have gone.

Our successes include:

High numbers of young people.
Worked with over 25,000 people in over 87 educational organisations throughout the last ten years of touring issue based interactive theatre.

European Diversity Awards
2016 – Shortlisted as Community Project of the year.
2017 – Nominated as Community Project of the year.

National Diversity Awards
2018 – Nominated as Community Organisation.

2017 – Shortlisted as Community Organisation. Nominated for LGBT but after our votes and evidence was given we were promoted to multistrand for other work with women on domestic abuse and self-esteem and bullying. 2016 – Nominated for Community Organisation.

Best Business Woman Awards
2017 – Finalist for Community Champion and Children and Families award.

High Sheriff’s Award.
Awarded for SCREAM tour (incorporating our two sexual health plays IT WON’T HAPPEN TO ME and LOVE, LIES & LULLABIES.

15% reduction in teenage pregnancy.
IT WON’T HAPPEN TO ME and LOVE, LIES & LULLABIES toured Stevenage – Report by MBARC for NHS Hertfordshire, Sept. ’12, statistics show a 15% reduction in teenage pregnancy in Stevenage in the 5 years we delivered it.
Statistics produced from our sexual health tour ‘IT WON’T HAPPEN TO ME’ and ‘LOVE, LIES & LULLABIES’ in collaboration with HertsAid and funded by the Primary Care Trust:

  • 96% think the issues covered (safer sex, STI prevention, alcohol and drug use, sexuality, aspirations and peer pressure) are relevant to young people today
  • 91% think using theatre is a good way to learn about issues
  • 88% said they will be able to apply what they have learned into their everyday lives
  • 250 staff attended the sessions and 97% would recommend other schools see the plays
  • 99% said it is an effective way for young people to learn about issues
  • 98% think the issues covered are relevant to the year group that has participated

Grant funding from those who believe in us.

  • Southwark Council grant to pilot initial tour of BOY.
  • £28,000 grant from Clinical Commissioning Group NHS for BOY.
  • The Primary Care Trust funded us to deliver work with young people to discover what signposting and support they need and what they need to access it. Then worked with health professionals to deliver these results.
  • Funded by National Lottery/Tender/Essex Change to explore domestic abuse.
  • Uttlesford District Council funded our tour of LAUGH AND YOU’RE PART OF IT throughout Essex.
  • Funded 3 times by Stevenage Community Trust to deliver BOY, LAUGH AND YOU’RE PART OF IT, BILLY and BOBBIE (our Junior school shows on bullying.)

Performed in Parliament. 
Parliament performance of BOY during Parliament Week Nov 2016 in collaboration with Parliout.

West End and beyond:

  • Invitation from West End producer to adapt BOY play into a West End musical.
  • Invitation to take BOY to Australia.

Collaboration with other wonderful organisations and our future:

  • Partnered with Show Racism the Red Card delivering teacher training on LGBT bullying.
  • Working closely with Essex Change on domestic abuse work.
  • Working closely with Shaun Dellenty and Inclusion For All.
  • New project with Uttlesford Council will see our shows going to Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 to create a through line of education on various issues.
  • New show on controlling relationships in teenagers and domestic abuse THE BRUISE YOU CAN’T SEE to tour in 2018.
  • New show (as yet) UNTITLED on gender equality to be toured in 2018.