Our Achievements

Shortlisted as Community Organisation at National Diversity Awards 2017. Nominated for LGBT but after votes and evidence submitted promoted to multistrand in reference to our other work with women on domestic abuse and young people’s self esteem and bullying.


Shortlisted as Community Project of the year at the European Diversity Awards 2016.

Not only been nominated but shortlisted.


High numbers of young people.

Worked with over 25,000 people in over 87 educational organisations throughout the last ten years.

15% reduction in teenage pregnancy and High Sheriff’s Award

SCREAM project (funded by Primary Care Trust)  (It Won’t Happen to Me and Love, Lies and Lullabies) toured Stevenage and Won High Sheriff’s Award. Statistics show a 15% reduction in teenage pregnancy in Stevenage in the 5 years we delivered it. Report by MBARC for NHS Hertfordshire, Sept. ’12,

4578 young people since June 2009.

96% think the issues covered (safer sex, STI prevention, alcohol and drug use, sexuality, aspirations and peer pressure) are relevant to young people today .

91% think using theatre is a good way to learn about issues.

88% said they will be able to apply what they have learned into their everyday lives.

250 staff attended the sessions and 97% would recommend other schools see the plays.

99% said it is an effective way for young people to learn about issues.

98% think the issues covered are relevant to the year group that has participated.


£28,000 grant from NHS Clinical Commissioning Group.

3280 young people in schools, colleges, special schools and religious schools.

97% thought the show was good or very good.

97% understand what homophobic language is.

92% understand what homophobic bullying is.

96% now know where to go for help if they or someone else needs it.

87% of ambassadors said they understood the impact of HBT bullying on mental health.

BOY performed in UK Parliament

Invited by Parliout to perform BOY for UK Parliament Week. Attended by people Nationwide including MP’s, school leaders, Parliout members, public, teachers, young people and industry professionals.

Primary Care Trust funding.

Funded by Primary Care Trust to discover what signposting and support young people. Worked with health professionals to deliver these results.

Domestic abuse tour.

Funded by National Lottery/Tender/Essex Change to deliver 3 day workshop on domestic abuse to teenagers. Over the 3 years, 1080 young people took part in the workshops and performance they devised was performed to over 6,000 young people.

Bullying tour.

Funded by Uttlesford District Council to tour Laugh and You’re Part Of It in 14 schools in Essex performing to over 1,120 young people.

BILLY and BOBBIE puppet forum theatre toured junior schools across London, Essex, Cambridge and Herts.

Funded 3 times by Stevenage Community Trust.

The trust has funded us to deliver BOY, Laugh and You’re Part Of It, BILLY and BOBBIE.

Worked with Show Racism the Red Card.

Worked with Show Racism the Red Card UK delivering government funded national programme on anti-homophobia teacher training 2016.