Hyperfusion over the last decade has undoubtedly been of supreme reward for a cross generation of audiences and early aspiring theatre practitioners across the South East of England. The work of Sarah Ellis has transformed the landscape of theatre-in-education in major cities across the region.


Femi Elufowoju, jr Associate Artist, Almeida Theatre
About HyperFusion Theatre Company
Hyperfusion production

We are a not-for-profit professional theatre company specialising in


Known for its innovative approach to empowering people through theatre, the company presents programmes of live theatre, forum theatre, interactive theatre-in-education, community and new writing plays, workshops and training for adults, young people, students, teachers and professionals.

The HyperFusion team is made up of actors, teachers, writers, directors, choreographers, musicians, musical directors all of whom are passionate about empowering people through theatre. They are headed by Sarah Ellis as their Artistic Director, who has been working in theatre for over 25 years as a practitioner developing various types of theatre to diverse and exciting audiences.


'Our vision is the empowerment of people through theatre to find and use their own unique voice'


Interactive Theatre in education

We specialise in interactive theatre which educates, empowers, challenges and stimulates discussion.
We have successfully implemented theatre shows in over 60 schools/ organisations in Essex and Herts. These range from mainstream schools, special needs schools, pupil referral units, organisations working specifically with disengaged young people, adult centres, refuges, women's groups, councils and general public.

Heavily interactive, energetic and impactual these powerful pieces offer a forum where voices are heard. Our audiences are engaged and relevant to the piece instead of watching passively.


At heart, we believe in bringing theatre to the people rather than people to traditional theatre spaces. HyperFusion's performances range from site specific productions to theatre 'experiences' in unusual and unexpected places within the community, making each show a unique and exciting adventure through theatre. The productions range from full blown musicals, new writing, plays, devised pieces and theatre 'experiences that combine theatrical genres.


We create workshops and training experiences for all your issue based, skills learning or welfare needs. We work with schools, organisations, charities and businesses, delivering bespoke educational experiences tackling anything from theatre skills to management, identifying/delivering objectives to issues within your organisation. The days of delivering your objectives via powerpoint and speakers are over. Interactive theatre educates, empowers, challenges and stimulates discussion and motivates your organisation to be the best it can be.


We use our expertise to run a part time theatre training company for young people to teach them theatre skills and essential knowledge of the world of theatre. The part time Saturday theatre training course for young people develops theatre skills and provides an insight into how the business runs.

We are different because:

  • We are the only training facility locally that is also a professional touring theatre company. We don't just teach how to work in theatre – we actually do it!
  • We only hire specialist dance, drama and singing teachers providing expert training in each genre.
  • All specialists are professional working practitioners direct from the theatre industry ensuring training is expert, up to date and inspirational.
  • We create all rounded performers through our ethos of empowerment. It isn't just singing, dancing and acting with us. It's about maximum growth of our members.
  • We offer regular performance opportunities.
  • We link heavily with the professional company with regards to input, staffing, material, experience and opportunities to progress.

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interactive theatre in education

HyperFusion specialises in interactive theatre which educates, empowers, challenges and stimulates discussion.

Workshop training

HyperFusion uses its interactive performance expertise to create workshops and training experiences for all your issue based or skills learning needs.

site specific theatre

Hyperfusion believes in bringing theatre to the people rather than people to traditional theatre spaces.


'Entertaining but also thought provoking and informative production'


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